5 Steps to Quit Sugar

( Picture by: Health ambition and Becky Vanommen)

( Picture by: Health ambition and Becky Vanommen)

January is such a great time of the year. Resolutions for 2016 have winded down and we have a chance to reflect on all the experiences we’ve had over the past year, to learn, grown and change (hopefully for the better). It is a wonderful time to celebrate life and make new goals and resolutions for the new year. Often, in the past while making resolutions, my goals would be vague or unrealistic. I would simply write down that I wanted to lose 20 pounds or run a marathon without any other subsequent goals to make that actually happen. I’ve come to realize, that if you want a goal to stick, you need to prepare by making a plan that can be followed each day, week and month of the year.

Last January, I found myself finishing up the first semester of my holistic nutrition schooling. I decided that in order to improve my health and well-being I was going to commit to “quit sugar” for all of 2016. One full year without any refined sugar seemed like a daunting task, but by implementing these 5 steps I have been able to successfully accomplish my resolution, and now my husband and I both are giving it up for 2017!

Today I want to share with you my secrets to success so that you will have the tools you need to successfully quit refined sugar this new year. Here’s how I did it!

5 Steps to Quit Sugar

1) Have a desire to change. If I didn’t have the desire to eliminate sugar from my diet, I would have failed after a week or two. Lasting goals start with a sincere desire to change. This desire can be obtained through education and understanding how sugar can impact our health negatively. Once I realized that I was addicted to sugar and that it was one of the factors holding me back from making lasting health changes in my life, the decision was easy.

2) Have a support system. My support system starts with my friends and family. By letting others know about my goal to give up refined sugar, I was now held accountable to reach my goal. They helped by simply not offering me dessert or giving me treats that contained refined sugar. Then I took it to the next level and told my followers on social media. I knew that if I made my goal public, I would be more accountable to stick to it.

3) Get rid of it! The most important step was to get rid of all the sugar in my house. I started with my fridge, then freezer, then pantry. Not having sugar in my house helped me to stay strong through the first few weeks of cravings.

4) Find healthy substitutes. Once I had given all the foods away that contained refined sugar, my cupboards seemed bare. I soon filled them with healthier options. I started learning how to make new recipes with healthier ingredients and discovered a world of baking I never knew existed.

5) Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. By breaking down the goal to quit sugar into smaller ones the task seemed more attainable. I started off with giving up sugar for just 1 week. Then, once I accomplished that, I successfully quit for 1 month, and so on and so on. After the first 2 months were over, I no longer had a desire to eat sugar anymore.

 By implementing these 5 steps, I have successfully given up refined sugar for over 365 days! I have more energy and my skin is the clearest it has ever been. If you are interested in quitting sugar, I’ve created a FREE 5 day Sugar Detox for you!

 Happy New Year Everyone!

X.O. - Viktoria Jones C.H.N. 



About the author:

Viktoria Jones is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Precision Nutrition coach, Certified nutrition expert, food blogger and proud owner of Solji Nutrition. She is an advocate for self-love, delicious food, individuality, traveling and learning something new each day! Her experience traveling and volunteering around the world have contributed to her desire to help women everywhere learn to love and take care of themselves, “from the inside out”.

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