Thanksgiving Dinner - How To Improve Your Digestion


We are celebrating thanksgiving today with my family and we may or may not have 10 pies to share between 16 of us and some kid-lets. That means, in addition to the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and gravy, we will each have more than half a pie to ourselves. Not that I would recommend eating half a pie in one sitting, but I most definitely will be having a slice or two. 

If you know you are going to be eating a little bit more than normal this thanksgiving, here are some tips to cope with all the digestive upset, bloating and gas you may be about to experience! 

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Digestion At Thanksgiving Dinner:

1. Digestive enzymes. I'm telling you, these will be your best friend if you plan on trying everything at dinner. Overwhelming your stomach with too much food and tons of different kinds of food will leave you feeling pain, discomfort and possibly a little gassy.  [πŸ˜…]  Digestive enzymes will help ease that upset stomach by providing you with additional enzymes, so your body doesn't have to work so hard in-between servings. 

2. Make sure to chew food thoroughly. Digestion starts in the mouth. I have the tendancy to load my plate full and then start inhaling all the turkey and stuffing without even thinking twice about chewing. I promise your stomach will love you for it later if you slow down and make sure to thoroughly chew every bite! 

3. Don’t eat when rushed or talking. Blood flow is diverted away from the stomach in times of excitement. Try to sit down before eating and take 3 deep breaths to help your body relax and prepare for digestion. 

4. Don't drink with your meal. Drinking too much water with meals, especially ice cold drinks, will shut down the digestive process. Taking small sips of room temperature water during meals is ideal. 

5. Lemon juice (my little secret). Drink 2 tbsp of lemon juice and water 30 minutes prior to meals. This will help stimulate the production of hydrochloricacid in your stomach, which makes digestion easier. This will reduce the amount of gas and bloating you have later. 
Your welcome!  [😊]


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