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To help you reach your individual needs, Solji Nutrition offers three different consultation packages found below. All recommendations are based on your own unique needs and goals. If you are not sure which option would be best, please book a discovery call to chat directly with Viktoria to determine how she can best help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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Basic (Initial) Consultation

In the basic consultation, we will discuss your health history, health concerns, future goals and come up with an action plan to get you started on your road to better health. Based on your body's symptoms, we will create a simple step by step action plan that suits your lifestyle and preferences. My goal is to educate and empower you to listen to, nourish, and love your body in order to make lasting changes. I believe that each person is unique and therefore an individualised plan is needed to address all areas of your health. This plan will include recommended lifestyle changes along with supplement and dietary recommendations. Directly following the initial consultation you will be e-mailed your recommendations including a summary of your nutritional scores indicating which body systems are most out of balance, personalized macro-nutrient and calorie recommendations to help you get started on your health journey. (Does not include a personalized meal plan)


  • 1 - In-depth nutritional consultation. (60 - 90 minutes)

  • Basic health recommendations, including: dietary, supplement, lifestyle and macro-nutrient recommendations for optimal health.

  • Available worldwide via zoom conference calls.



Follow-Up Visit

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Follow up visits are a great way to stay accountable and on that right track to reaching your long term goals. Your individual health goals and needs will determine whether you will need a 30 minute or 60 minute appointment. These visits are a great time to plan out future action, make goals, receive motivation, accountability and guidance.  If there are specific health concerns you would like to make a protocol for that is significantly different than your initial nutrition plan 60 minutes is ideal. Depending on your goals I recommend having follow up visits at least once a week to keep you on track. If you thrive on having on-going support with monthly check-ins, follow ups are a great way to check progress, make plan adjustments & stay motivated.


  • 1 - Follow up appointment

  • Health and nutrition recommendations, adjustments to plan including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. Progress report and goal setting.


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Vibrant Package

This package is perfect for anyone looking to get some tailored recommendations to kick-start your wellness journey, but don't require constant on-going support and check-ins. One week after the initial consultation, we will meet again to go over and discuss your personalised program to ensure that you feel supported and motivated to get started. We will then meet again two weeks later to follow up with how everything is going. Whether your goal is to improve overall health, regulate hormones, learn more about detailed calorie/macro amounts for your sports nutrition and performance, lose or gain weight, improve digestion, increase energy levels, reduce acne, improve sleep, stress or any other other health concern, this Vibrant Package is a great way to help you start your journey to vibrant health by setting you up with the tools you need to reach your goals.


  • 1 - In-depth nutritional consultation. (60 - 90 minutes)

  • 2 - Follow-Up Session. (30 Minutes)

  • 1 - 7 Day personalized meal plan with delicious recipes, a shopping list and key foods/ingredients.

  • A personalized health plan, including: dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, key foods and nutrients list for optimal health, and information sheets regarding your specific concerns and needs.


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6 Week All-Inclusive Transformation Program

Sick of being stuck in the same old rut? Unable to pull away from your unhealthy habits? Need the extra push to make lasting change? This program is what you need for that motivation and support to reach your long term health goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve digestion, increase energy levels, reduce inflammation, regulate sleep patterns, reduce stress or just to improve your overall health as you age, this program was designed for those who are committed to making a lifestyle change. Six weeks working with Viktoria will educate you on how to change bad habits, set realistic goals and develop a healthier way of eating. This program will give you the ability to maintain life long, vibrant health. 

Each week, new goals will be set and old goals will be reviewed to ensure you are continually learning and progressing in the right direction. Support and accountability is at the heart of the coaching program to allow you to ask questions, get feedback and feel supported each step of the way. At the conclusion of the 6 week’s you will have the opportunity to continue your health journey within the Solji Nutrition’s 12 Month Maintenance program.


  • A tested and proven step by step nutrition and wellness plan for the 6 week transformation period. Each week we will focus on a different health topic to give you all the understanding you need to make these changes permanent.

  • High quality nutrition videos, weekly mindset audio training’s (topics include: overcoming emotional eating, learning to listen to your body, self love, etc.), informational handouts including: kitchen pantry substitution, how to make a smoothie, food combining 101, edible beauty care and more!

  • 6 - Meal Plans with delicious recipes, shopping lists and meal prep schedules.

  • Weekly Coaching calls. (30-60 Minutes)

  • 7 Day Smoothie Detox

  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins.

  • Access to the LII6 Support Group

  • BONUS: Goal Setting Package with Daily Adherence Chart

  • BONUS: 40 Healthy Dessert Recipes


Not sure which package is right for you?

If you are not sure which program or consultation to book, schedule a discovery call to ask questions and speak with Viktoria directly about your health goals to determine which option would be best for you. This is a free complimentary service available for you to officially meet Viktoria. The call is mean’t to help you determine what steps need to be made to get the lasting transformation you are looking for.

This consult does not include any nutritional advice or collection of client’s personal information, It is strictly to discovery what option would be the best fit for you.

"Healing isn't about changing who you are, it's about changing your relationship with who you are."