Can't seem to find the desire to eat healthy? Are you needing extra motivation to make some positive changes in your life?

Are you frustrated with yourself for not being able to lose weight? Tired of spending hundreds of dollar on fad diets that don't work?

Do you wish that delicious recipes, weekly grocery lists and a detailed meal schedule would just magically appear on your kitchen counter? 


Trust me, I know what it is like because these are all things that I have personally experienced. That is WHY I developed the "Lose It In 6" program!

What is included in the "Lose It In 6" program?

1. Six 7-day meal plans designed specifically for healthy weight loss (including a week long detoxification protocol). Providing you with a tested and proven step-by-step formula that lets you them discover what brings optimal health, with the flexibility to implement what works best in your life long term.

2. Over 150 delicious recipes to help you feel vibrant from the inside out. All recipes are 100% whole foods based, gluten, dairy and sugar free. 

3. Printable ready for you shopping lists for each week of the program. Flexible shopping lists and meal plans are also available to suite all lifestyles and preferences.

4. Holistic Eating and Weight loss course, weekly videos and handouts. The nutrition education is there to help motivate and empower you to make these changes last long term. Topics you will learn about are: Digestion, Detoxification, Weight loss 101, Stress, Meal Preparation, Seasonal Eating and Self love. You will also receive information on: how to properly store food, calories, portion sizes, eating health while dinning out and much more! The last week of the program you will be designing your own personalized plan to help you continue on your health journey ever after the program is completed.

5. Accountability and support, a framework of accountability and support is so important to make lasting changes. By committing to action(set goals), be accountable to others (family, friends, a coach, the group), and report on progress and adherence (evaluations, weekly check-ins and coaching calls) you are going to be set up for success!

6. Goal setting chart to keep you focused, accountable and on track for your success. This chart is great to post on your fridge to remind you of your goals for each day.

7. Weekly accountability check-in's, each week you will be required to submit an online accountability check-in to Viktoria. These check-ins are a personal space for you to ask questions, report on your wins or struggles and let her know how you did that previous week. 

8. LIVE Group Coaching Calls, each week you will be able to attend LIVE (or catch the replay) of the group coaching calls. In these coaching calls you will be able to chat directly with Viktoria about how you are doing. She will provide you with support and motivation, answer all your questions and hold you personally accountable to reaching your goals.

9. Mindset Training each week of the program we uncover the habits and limiting beliefs that have shaped your negative relationship with food, and enable you to discover how to improve your eating behaviors. Topics include: learning to listen to your body, overcoming emotional eating, ditching the all-or-nothing mentality and more!

10. BONUS: Facebook support group for the duration of the program, where you can ask questions daily, receive motivation to reach your goals, meet friends, post pictures and of course where healthy tips and tricks will be posted.

*** All graduates of the Lose It In 6 will have the opportunity to continue on working with Viktoria following your completion of the LII6 Program in her Alumni Maintenance Group at a special discounted rate.

This challenge is meant to MOTIVATE, INSPIRE and EDUCATE so you can make lasting changes in your own health and well being! This is a program designed to keep you accountable for your progress. Anyone who participates with determination to improve the quality of their life WILL see positive changes within the 6 weeks.


"Lose it in 6 has been everything I wanted in a healthy eating program. I have received the education I was looking for to help me learn what to eat, when and what effects different foods have on my body. Between the weekly videos, meal plans and support from Viktoria and the Facebook group, I feel confident I can go into my daily life and really own my eating and meals. It feels great knowing that! I highly recommend this program, it so worth it and if you stick with it (which you totally can even if you aren't sure!) you will see amazing results in your life!"

- Breanna Livingston (She lost a total of 14.2 lbs, which was 9.65% of her over all body weight, in just 6 weeks!)


"Today is your chance to change yourself for the better!"

  • In just 6 weeks you will learn how to cook delicious food, really listen to your body's needs, kick those stubborn cravings to the curb, detoxify you body, cupboards and life, love yourself for who you are and develop a healthy relationship with food. 

  • The vision is to help as many people as possible learn what healthy living means, teach them how to fuel their bodies with nutritious food and give them the tools to do it. 

  • "Lose It In 6" is not another "FAD diet" that leads to nutritional imbalances. It is a holistic eating & weight loss health challenge that will give you all the tools you need to make lasting, positive health changes. 

  • The six week program is created to give everyone access to holistic nutritional consulting at an affordable rate. No longer do you need to pay thousands of dollars for a health program that actually works. 

Putting yourself first, on top of managing all of your day to day responsibilities, can sometimes feel overwhelming. The Lose it in 6 program makes eating healthy and losing weight easy, enjoyable and delicious! No more calorie counting, extreme diets or excessive supplements. Lose It in 6 focuses on eating WHOLE, LIVE, GOOD QUALITY FOODS that will nourish your body while implementing holistic lifestyle practices.

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Still not sure if this program is right for you? Find out what previous clients are saying about their experience participating in the Lose It In 6 Program!


"Being a part of this 6 week challenge has been a great experience. Viktoria has been a great coach and cheerleader for everyone. Being accountable every week and having a positive support system has been so valuable. The recipes and shopping lists provided made staying on track so much easier. I must say I would never have tried many of the food combinations without being part of this program but they will be in my menu plan long term. I will actually plan my menu, which is new for me. Eating healthy does take work but I feel so much better since I have made these changes. I definitely feel it when I cheat too so it makes a difference. I would recommend trying this program and developing a healthy relationship with food. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle change that, as a benefit, you lose weight. Thanks again Viktoria. It's been a wonderful journey."

- Leasa Sulz (She lost over 25 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 4!) 

"I started the lose it in 6 program with weight loss as my main goal. I have learned so much about my body and what I need to do to feel good. I have had digestion issues for YEARS!!! This is the first time that everything is working properly. I wake up excited to prepare my meals and to eat what is on the plan for that week. Many days because of travel or busy family life I did the pick and choose option. I knew exactly what I needed to eat to feel my best and continue on my journey to lose weight. I have tried so many challenges or eating programs in the past will little or no success. Viktoria has a beautifully laid out plan that breaks everything down week by week. I loved being able to just focus on 1 thing at a time and really apply the tools I was given for that time period. I feel like I have habits that will stick now and I don't plan on going back to the way I was eating/feeling before. Detox week was probably my favourite for so many reasons!!! I can't wait for the text challenge to learn even more. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

- Tamara Grigor (Lost 5 pounds and 3.24% of her body weight)

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"The Lose It In 6 program provided me the power to have control over what I put in and on my body. Viktoria is so knowledgeable and was able and willing to answer all of my questions regarding the foods I was eating. As a busy mother of 3, one of which is a 5 month old strictly breastfed baby, the meal plan was easy and organized. It took away the stress of preparing meals for a family of 5. After a couple weeks of being on the plan, and eating so well, I noticed a significant increase in my breast milk supply at a time when it normally would have gone down due to my baby being sick. I eat less now but I do not feel hungry. I no longer crave sweet sugary things. I sleep better and feel more refreshed when I wake up in the morning. I love this program so much that I am doing it again in 2 weeks. It's easy, simple and 100% worth it!!"

- Elizabeth Robertson (She lost 12 pounds in just 6 weeks!) 


"I love the lose it in 6 program! I learnt so much about healthy eating on this program. Each week is structured towards a different topic and is very informative. The recipes are super delicious and I was able to meal prep for almost the whole week which was really important for me. I am a busy registered nurse and I work shift work, so having something nutritious to get me through the day is super important! During the six week challenge I lost 14 lbs which is super amazing, but even more amazing because I was working so much I didn't have time to exercise very much, so I can safely say it was 99% due to lose it in 6!"

- Sarah Woelders (Lost 14 pounds in just 6 weeks on the program!)

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"Before I committed to this program, I had some concerns and Viktoria addressed every one. I decided to open myself up to learning what she had to offer, and I haven't looked back. My husband is also doing the program with me and he and I are feeling great! Viktoria's philosophy of overall health is just what we need and am hoping will be the key to long lasting success! The website is beautiful, the recipes are delicious and I will be using many of them for years to come! Thank you for your passion, and gentle but firm mentor-ship. The Lose it in 6 program is just the beginning of a wonderful life!"

- Cidelle Crawford (Participated with her husband and together lost over 40 pounds!)


"Thank you so much, Tori, for introducing us to a healthier life style. I have spent hundreds of dollars on fad diets, but really it is all about healthy choices. I do not crave junk anymore, which is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

 - Janice Sim (lost 13.5 pounds and 15.5 inches in just 6 weeks)

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