6 Month All-Inclusive Transformation Package

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6 Month Transformation Logo (1).png

6 Month All-Inclusive Transformation Package


6 Month Transformation Program Includes: 

  •  1 - Initial Consultation. (90 Minutes)

  • 7 - Follow-Up Sessions. (45 Minutes)

  • 6 - 7 Day Meal Plans with delicious recipes, shopping lists and key foods/ingredients.

  • Weekly Phone Check-Ins. (20 Minutes each)

  • Unlimited Weekly Email Accountability Check-Ins. 

  • An in-depth personalized nutrition and wellness plan for the 6 month transformation period. Each month we will focus on a different topic depending on your main health concerns and symptoms.

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What you need to know about the 6 Month Transformation Program:

Sick of being stuck in the same old rut? Unable to pull away from your unhealthy habits? Need the extra push to make lasting change? This program is what you need for that motivation and support to reach your long term health goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve digestion, eliminate allergies/food sensitivities, increase energy levels, reduce hormonal imbalances, promote healthy pregnancy, improve fertility, regulate sleep patterns, reduce stress or any other health concern, this program is designed for those who are committed to long term results. Six months working with Viktoria will educate you on how to change bad habits, set realistic goals and develop a healthier way of eating. This program will give you the ability to maintain life long, vibrant health.

 It begins with a detailed consultation meeting where we will discuss your main health concerns, review your current eating and lifestyle habits, set goals and come up with a plan that fits your individual needs and circumstances. One week after the first consultation, we will meet to go over and discuss your personalized program, explaining and going through, in detail, how to get started. Each week, new goals will be set and old goals will be reviewed to ensure you are continually learning and progressing in the right direction. In our follow up appointments, we will meet to review your program and make adjustments (if needed) to help you reach your health and wellness goals and succeed in making lasting change.

All programs are available in person (St.Albert), via SKYPE or Telephone. 

In home visits are available in the Edmonton area for an additional $25/per visit.