Personalized 7-day Meal Plan

7-day Meal Plan (2).png
7-day Meal Plan (2).png

Personalized 7-day Meal Plan



  • 7-Day Custom Meal Plan based on your initial assessment, main health concerns and nutritional needs.
  • 21 Delicious meal recipes tailored to help you reach your specific health goals. 
  • Healthy snack options to keep you satisfied in-between meals.
  • Includes a detailed Shopping list with key ingredients.
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What you need to know about the 7-Day Personalized Meal Plan: 

Only available in addition to a Basic Consultation Package. Will be sent along with your program 1 week following your consultation. Consulations are available in person (Thunder Bay location), via SKYPE or Telephone. 

*Additional $25 for in-home visits