Q: What services can a Holistic Nutritionist provide me?

A: As a Holistic Nutritionist, I can assess and advise you on your nutritional well-being. I do this through one-on-one coaching, goal setting, nutritional/dietary recommendations, supplement recommendations (if required), lifestyle coaching, calorie/macro coaching, proper portion control, personalised meal plans and shopping lists, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and public speaking. 

All my recommendations are symptom based. During an initial consultation we discuss your main health goals and the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. Through food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations I teach you how to best resolve imbalances in your body, that may be presenting as annoying symptoms. This coaching is to help you to reach your health and wellness goals in a healthy and sustainable way. I strive to teach my clients long term skills that result in lasting health. 

Q: Do you have a return policy?

A: There are no refunds offered for online programs, e-books, or other products purchased online.  The 6 month program, if within a 30 day period you decided that you do not wish to go ahead with my consulting services, and have not had your initial consultation, you will be refunded in full. After 30 days of purchase, if you have not booked your initial consultation, you are not eligible for a refund. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the information and program provided to you after meeting with me, refunds on the remaining visits will be offered on a case by case situation. 

Q: Are your nutritional services covered by insurance benefit programs?

A: The safe answer is no, however, it depends which company you use. More and more companies are starting to cover Holistic Nutritional service every day. Please check with your insurance company prior to submitting receipts for Holistic Nutritional services as some may not accept these claims. 

If your benefits plan is under Greenshield or Manulife, it may be covered depending on your benefits. It would typically be covered under a "wellness spending account." This is not the same as a Health Spending Account or services covered with a Registered Dietician or Registered Nutritionist. If your benefits plan is under Sunlife, Great West Life or Pacific Blue Cross, there is a chance it's covered, but please always call to confirm before submitting receipts. 

If your insurance provider does not cover Holistic Nutrition consulting, perhaps request that they do in the future. The more times that it is requested, the more likely they will keep expanding their benefits to cover in the future.

Q: What are your payment options?

A: Payment is accepted online with a visa or mastercard. Payments may also be made via interact e-transfer, cash, or cheque. Please send all e-transfers to soljinutrition@gmail.com and make cheques payable to Viktoria Jones. Online payments are made through Stripe, a secure online payment system.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

 A: There are currently no payment plans available at this time. Payment plans for the 6 month program may be discussed for an additional fee of $50 per payment required. (ex: 1 payment = $1575, 2 payments = $1625 (equal payments of $812.50), 3 payments = $1675 (equal payments of $583.34) etc.)

Q: How long do I have before my consultations expire?

A:  All appointments and packages are available for redemption up to 6 months after date purchased. 

Q: What if there is an emergency and I am not able to finish my 6-month program? 

A: Programs may be put on hold in case of family emergency or vacation for up to 3 months. Please contact me as soon as you know whether or not you will be able to complete the program and your reasoning. 

Q: Is there a fee for missing a scheduled appointment?

A: Yes. If you have scheduled an appointment and did not show up, without contacting me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged $25 for missing that visit, which must be paid before the next visit. 

Q: Where is your office located?

A: I am currently located in Thunder Bay Ontario, however, I all nutritional consultations are offered over the phone or skype.  If you would like to meet in the comfort of you own home, I offer in home visits for an additional $25 in the Thunder Bay Area. 


SCOPE OF PRACTICE OF A C.H.N - Certified Holistic Nutritionist

The services offered by a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, are grounded in the following principles:

1. Acknowledgement that each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.

2. Awareness of the meaning of holistic nutrition: the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit, and the importance of addressing these interactive factors which are unique to each individual.

3. Promotion of whole, locally grown and organic foods, sustainable farming practices, and the necessity of living in a non-toxic environment.

4. Understanding that prevention and self-responsibility are fundamental to any successful health care program.

5. Recognition that supplementation is not a substitute for wholesome, nutritious foods but that it may be helpful in recommended form, dose and frequency.

6. Respect for clients; respect for their wellness goals, and for their personal tastes, morals, social, and life values.

7. Acceptance of the unique contribution of other health care providers, and the need to work cooperatively with them regardless of their discipline, holistic or allopathic.

8. The main services provided by an C.H.N. include the following:

a) Document client’s goals, needs, and plans;

b) Evaluate client’s food selection, preparation and intake;

c) Evaluate client’s lifestyle and overall feeling of wellbeing;

d) Evaluate client’s use of dietary supplements;

e) Identify client’s nutritional imbalance(s) and lifestyle habits;

f) Work with other health care professionals, if applicable, in order to determine all nutritional and lifestyle-changing needs of the client, including referring client to other health care professionals as deemed appropriate;

g) Support the progress of client’s health goals, by creating an individualized wellness program, which will include the use of whole, nutrient-dense foods, menu plans, natural source supplements, and lifestyle modifications; including the use of non-toxic environmentally friendly household/personal products.

h) Provide further guidance to the client, if necessary, by explaining food labels, and by offering food preparation techniques and shopping tips;

i) Guide client in the implementation of a long term personal health plan, provide education when necessary, and offer ongoing assessments;

j) Monitor client’s personal health plan in order to reinforce participation in the achievement of the health goals;

k) Act as a community educator to the public and to other health care professionals, developing curriculum, preparing manuals, writing articles, publishing books, and teaching;

l) Promote health discussions in schools, industry, and community agencies;

m) Bring holistic nutrition knowledge, principles, and philosophy to other professions.

*Reference: CSNN NN106 Fundamentals of Business Legal Handbook 5th Edition - page 38.