Welcome to your fourth week of vibrant health!  

Preparation is key to lowering your stress levels and helping you stick to your meal plan all week. This week we are focusing on learning what stress is, how it can lead to weight gain and what we can do about it. Learning how to properly prepare meals ahead of time and how to store food will cut down on unneeded stress and food waste throughout the week. When you are able to manage your stress and organize your life, eating healthy becomes that much easier!

 Topic: Stress Less - Meal Prep


Don't forget to write down your weekly goals in your " Goal Setting Package!"


NOTE: When grocery shopping please read your shopping lists carefully so that you don't buy WAY too many groceries. For example, a cup of kale does not mean an entire bundle of kale! One cup is literally one cup, so if your list says to buy 10 cups of kale, that is equivalent to about 2 bundles at the grocery store. Please look over your grocery list before shopping and let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on a certain item.


Don't forget to post pictures of your delicious creations on social media and TAG @soljinutrition and HASHTAG #loseitin6 so we can all see your progress.