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What does “Solji Approved” or “Solji Nutrition Approved” recipes mean?

Any recipe or product that is made with whole ingredients, that is gluten, sugar, dairy and artificial sweetner free, is considered “Solji Nutrition Approved”. Bonus if the product is GMO free and certified organic. If you have any questions about recipes you find or products you are unsure of, post a picture of the recipe or ingredient label in the group and I will let you know.

How do I use the customizable “Pick and Choose Meal Plan”?

The customizable pick and choose meal plan has two pages. The first page gives examples of various whole foods and categorizes them into groups based on whether they are a carbohydrate, protein or fat. The second give you an outline for portion sizes and a recommended serving amount for each group. Based on which meal plan you are using will determine how many servings of carbohydrates, proteins or fats are recommended.

For example:

Endomorphic body type: Carbs: 25%, Protein 35%, Fats 40% (2) grains/starches, (1) fruit, (6) vegetables, (8) protein, (8) fats, (2) dairy alternatives

Mesomorphic body type: Carbs 40%, Protein 30%, Fats 30%(5) grains/starches, (2) fruit, (4) vegetables, (7) protein, (6) fats, (2) dairy alternatives

Ectomorphic body type: Carbs 55%, Protein 25%, Fats 20%(7) grains/starches, (2) fruits, (4) vegetables, (6) protein, (4) fats, (2) dairy alternatives

Portion size:

Grains & Starches: ½ cup cooked

Fruits: 1 piece

Vegetables: 1-2 cups (2 cups if it is a leafy green)

Protein: ½ cup cooked

Fats: 1 tbsp

Dairy alternative: 1 cup

TIPS: You do not have to follow the “suggested” servings for each meal as shown on the meal plan as long as you eat all the servings in one day. Feel free to mix and match as much as you would like!

Can I mix and match recipes between weeks?

YES! Feel free to mix and match recipes as you would like. I would recommend that you at least give each recipe a try as you might be surprised that you really enjoy eating healthy foods.Also keep in mind that I have designed the meal plans for each specific health topic you are focusing on for that week. For example: for digestion week - all the meals follow the food combining rules, for week 2 - none of the meals include natural sweeteners or snacks with complex carbohydrates. When you mix and match it might offset the results slightly, but overall it doesn’t matter too much as long as you are eating meals on the plan!

Can I make soups instead of smoothies for the detox?

Yes of course! During the cooler months I like to have soups instead of my lunch smoothies each day. Make sure that during detox week you include 3-4 snacks each day. That is the only week that has a lower calorie amount, so you will need to add in the extra calories with more snacks. Stick to fruits/vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats.

What’s the best way to meal prep for the week?

I suggest prepping the complete meals for your first 1-2 days of the week, then only prepping the ingredients for the rest of the week. This will make dinners super simple during the week since your vegetables are already chopped and ready to go.

I am allergic or sensitive to ingredients in the meal plan, what should I do?

Swap it out! There are so many other great options available to you, for example: if you are allergic to oatmeal just use chia seeds to make a pudding, if you can’t eat eggs just use a “flax egg” in your baking (1 tbsp ground flax seed + 3 tbsp water), if you can’t have almond milk just use cashew milk, hemp milk, rice milk, etc. You can reference the pantry substitution list for more ideas.

I am a vegetarian, how can I alter the meal plans to accommodate?

All the recipes have notes at the bottom with ways you can alter the recipe to make it vegetarian. Simply switch out your animal protein source for a plant based one, like legumes, beans, lentils, etc. You can find good quality plant based protein powders as well. I like to use Garden of Life, Sun Warrior and Manitoba Harvest.

How many snacks can I eat throughout the day?

You CAN eat as many as you would like. I recommend sticking to 2 (with the exception of detox week). You can having these snacks in between meals or save them for an evening snack. When I calculated the calorie/macro nutrient contents of the program, I based the values on eating 2 snacks. If you need a higher caloric intake, a great way to get those extra nutrients is by adding an extra snack or two.

How can I alter the meal plan if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?

Add an extra serving size at dinner or snack in the evening. Listen to your body and pay attention to your milk supply. If it changes, add more complex carbohydrates and fats.

How can I alter the meal plan to accommodate a husband, partner or growing teenage boy who’s caloric needs might be higher than the program offers?

For growing boys and adult men, you will want to DOUBLE the protein portion and/or add a complex carbohydrate to their meals. I like to make a batch of rice/quinoa/pasta/potatoes/etc at the beginning of the week for my husband to add to each meal that doesn’t include as many carbohydrates. Trying to double portion sizes doesn’t always work because they will have twice as many vegetable portions to eat. You’ll have the most success just doubling their protein servings and adding a carbohydrate if needed.

How can I determine what my caloric needs are?

There are many different equations you can use, but an easy way to do this is just type “calorie calculator” into google and one will show up. I like to use the Precision Nutrition calculator.

Any recipe that is grayed out is a leftover meal.Why are some recipes greyed out in my meal plan? What does that mean?

There are many different equations you can use, but an easy way to do this is just type “calorie calculator” into google and one will show up. I like to use the Precision Nutrition calculator.

Why do some recipes have a number beside them?

This indicates that you should eat two servings.

How can I cut down on the costs of groceries?

Shop at bulk stores so you only have to buy what you need. Look in local flyers and apps available in your region to make sure you get the best deals on produce. Use the customizable “Pick and Choose Meal Plan” and choose to eat a simpler meal plan with cheaper ingredients.

What type of blender do you recommend for detox week?

I personally recommend getting a high powder blender such as a Vitamix or Blendtec; however, those can be quite pricey. A Magic Bullet is a great option as well for individual portion sizes. Honestly, any blender is better than no blender; it just might take you a little bit longer to blend up the kale. Tip: blend your liquid and greens first before you add anything else.

What do I do when experiencing detoxification symptoms such as: headache, fatigue, constipation/loose bowels, gas, acne, etc?

Your body WILL be going through a transition time during the first 2 weeks of the program. It is normal to experience some of these side effects, so don’t worry if they happen. Drink lots of water, get enough sleep and try to go easy on your workouts when you are feeling these symptoms. It is normal, but if any symptom last longer than 4-5 days, please let me know.

Can I make my own recipes that are not listed in the Lose It In 6 Program?

Yes, of course you can! I just ask that you make sure the recipe is “Solji Nutrition Approved” and that you share the recipe with me by posting it in the Facebook group. ;)

I work shift work. How should I plan out my meals?

No matter what shift you work, I suggest starting with eating breakfast when you wake up, bring your lunch/dinner, and/or additional snacks, with you to work (depending on how long the shift is).

What should I do if I have leftovers?

If you do not end up eating all the food for the week because you ate out, you can save most of the leftovers in the freezer for another day. You may need to adjust the following week’s meal plan to accommodate the extra meals you have already made by cutting out one of the existing recipes.

What are the best snacks to have available to cut sugar cravings?

Bitter or sour foods, like lemon water, ginger or greens (especially kale), will help you cut sugar cravings. If you really need something sweet, have some frozen fruit or make one of the sweeter snack recipes on the program. Week 6 has some really delicious chocolate brownie bites that tend to do the trick.

Can I drink herbal teas?

Yes, just be mindful of how much honey you are adding as even natural sugars can add up.

How much water should I be drinking everyday?

You should aim to drink half your body’s weight in lbs in ounces of water per day. If you weigh 160 lbs, you should drink 80 ounces each day. 8 ounces = 1 cup, so you should aim to drink 10 cups of water each day.


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I would love to see your progress! Make sure to post your pictures on social media hashtag #loseitin6 and tag @soljinutrition!